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50% of A Man’s Hair is Gone Before it Becomes Noticeable

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Hi! My name is Jacob and I’m a 47 years old lawyer.

Here’s how doing a 10-second morning ritual has stopped my hair-loss, even if nothing has ever worked before.

I’d like to share my own story because I know it will resonate with you… just read it all the way to the end.

My whole world came down crashing when she stopped dating me

I got back into the dating game 3 years ago, exactly 6 months after a painful divorce and I started dating this beautiful, 33 years old school teacher, Angela.

She had the most amazing body and her face… her face was perfect. Big blue eyes, huge smile with white teeth.

Angela was more than 10 years younger than me and she was single. She had been career oriented her whole life.

She was my son’s math teacher when we met.


I was coming out of a horrible divorce that affected me mentally, physically, financially and even socially. It was the most difficult thing I have gone through my whole life.

My ex-wife was leaving with half of everything, even I was the only one providing for our family. She left me for another man.

I felt so emasculated, self-conscious and all my self-respect and dignity was shattered.

I was just a shadow of the man I was before.

I gained weight and started balding, something that never happened before. I didn’t give it any attention because I thought that after everything settled my hair would get back to normal. WRONG!

That was the new normal.

Hair Fortin

Me, Jacob a 44 years old, balding, depressed, self-conscious, divorced, hurt, single lawyer.

I could hide everything. I could hide being depressed. I could hide being hurt. I could hide it all but one. I couldn’t hide getting bald. I couldn’t hide that patch of skin on my head… and the patch was getting bigger and bigger, day after day.

The big problem with balding was that I didn’t look like the healthy man I was before the divorce. I didn’t look like I could take on the whole world. Baldness made me look more than 10 years older.

And I tried everything…

  • Expensive shampoos
  • Oils and all sorts of lotions
  • I even considered surgery…

But nothing worked.

Hair Fortin

Anyway I was glad that I was back into the dating game. The plan was to get a woman and rebuild my life.

Like I said, 6 months after the divorce I started dating Angela and we hit it off instantly.

It was perfect. I thought it would last forever.

In my mind I thought that if I get into a loving relationship, I’ll be out of depression and my hair will start growing again.

I thought that depression was causing my hair-loss. Little did I know it was the other way around. Hair-loss was causing my depression.

Angela noticed that I wasn’t the man I presented myself to be. She noticed that I wasn’t half as confident I “sold myself”.

She started being less and less available and eventually she stopped my answering texts…


I was being left for the second time in 6 months.

I couldn’t sleep the night she didn’t answer my texts. I knew it was over. I stared at the ceiling for hours… thinking about the man I was before.

I started thinking for solutions. What was I doing differently before? How was I acting before?

Until it hit me.

I was confident. I was the most confident man I knew. Confidence brought success into my career, into my dating life, into everything…

And I lost it…

I had to get it back.

I started searching the web for solutions but all I found was expensive shampoos and the general stuff you find when you google “stop hair-loss”. I’m not a conspiracy fan but I truly believe that the pharma industry it’s not on our side on this one.

Hair-loss is a 3.2 BILLION $ industry only in the US alone. I don’t think they REALLY want to fix our problem

I was on the 6th page of google already and you know what they say “if you can’t find it on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist”… but I got lucky.

On the 6th page I stumbled upon something weird. It was a 10-second morning ritual. I didn’t promise anything miraculous and what intrigued me was that it was different from everything until then.

I gave it a shot.

After one week I was in shock. I woke up one morning and there was no hair on my pillow. Something I never thought I would live to see again.

I was amazed. Of course, I continued the 10-second ritual everyday and after 2 weeks hair started growing again. I felt like a stallion. Strong and Confident.

 I was becoming the Jacob I knew. Jacob who everyone respected.

After a couple of weeks I decided to text Angela again. She replied and agreed to meet me. We had the sex of our lives that very night. She told me she wasn’t ready for that but she couldn’t hold it anymore… This was the effect I used to have on women.

I was becoming the “old me” again… and it all started with a 10-seconds morning ritual.

I saved the link to the video presentation that has saved my life.


Here it is: CLICK HERE to learn more. It’s FREE and it’s only a couple minutes long.


I really hope it has at least half of the impact it has had on my life.

Needless to say, I and Angela are still dating today and I’m considering making Angela my wife.


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