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Six Smoothie Recipes for Constipation and Acne Relief

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It would be a good habit to have a morning shake if you have constipation or if you have skin problems like acne. Consuming a high fibre healthy smoothie avoids and alleviates irregularity. It will also offer the nutrients that are necessary for having or keeping a nice tidy and smooth skin.

Smoothie for constipation relief

So, here are the 6 smoothie recipes you can mix.
Apple Smoothie
Apple-Barley Smoothie
Apricot Smoothie
Peach-Rice Dream Smoothie
Pineapple Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie

Apple Smoothie
Mix in the blender the following.
1-2 little apples cut into wedges
1 banana
1 cup 50:50 rice dream: almond milk
1/4 cup or less of raisins soaked overnight
1-teaspoon honey
1-2 cubes of ice
1-teaspoon lecithin granules
2 tablespoons flax seed oil
In all of your healthy smoothies add flax seed oil for nice smooth skin. You could also add a tablespoon of flax seed directly into the mixer and the blender will slice them up.

Apple-Barley Smoothie
Mix in the mixer the following.
1 cup of sliced up apples with peel
1/2 cup of prepared barley
1/4 cup of soaked raisins
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring
1-1 1/2 cup of 50:50 rice dream: almond milk
1-teaspoon lecithin granules
2 Tablespoons flax seed oil
Ensure you use the lecithin granules in these healthy smoothies given that lecithin helps to breakdown the flax oil into small droplets and makes it more absorbable.

Apricot Smoothie
One cup of fresh apricots or dried apricots that were soaked overnight
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Two oz. of prune juice
One teaspoon or more of oat restriction
One teaspoon of mineral whey
One tablespoon of flax seed oil
One tablespoon of lecithin granules
Include a small quantity of pure water or ice to make the consistency to your taste. This healthy smoothie benefits irregularity and acne.

Peach-Rice Dream Smoothie
Mix in the mixer:
2 fresh peaches with peel
1-cup rice dream
1/2 banana
1-teaspoon sesame seeds
1-teaspoon sunflower seed
1-tablespoon lecithin granules
2 tablespoons flax seed oil
You can choose almond milk to make these healthy smoothies. This smoothie has plenty of fibre.

Pineapple Smoothie
Mix the following in a blender.
1-2 cups of fresh pineapples
1/2 cups apple pieces
1/4-cup fresh apple juice
1/2-cup almond milk (more or less as needed).
1 banana.
1-tablespoon lecithin.
2-tablespoons flax seeds.
2 teaspoons bran (rice, oat or wheat).
You can include more lecithin if you like. Lecithin does not have a taste. This shake is jam loaded with fibre.

Strawberry Smoothie
Mix in a blender the following ingredients.
1 banana.
1-tablespoon of lecithin granules.
1-teaspoon of any kind of bran.
1 cup or more 50:50 rice dream: almond milk.
Now add strawberries one by one with the mixer on up until you get the consistency you like.
1-tablespoon flax seeds.
1 or 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds.
1-teaspoon sesame seeds.
1 tablespoon of flax seed oil.
You can include liquid minerals or vitamins to these healthy smoothies and provide an additional nutritional value.

acne relief

Here you have the healthy smoothies that you can try. Start making and consuming them and see the health benefits that you’ll get.

Drink an early morning shake if you have constipation or if you have skin problems like acne. Consuming a high fibre smoothie prevents and relieves irregularity. In all of your shakes add flax seed oil for good smooth skin. These shakes are loaded with fibre. As with any diet, please consult with your doctor before trying.

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